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Hotel Case Study

In this Case Study we will examine how our company undertook the holistic management and all the procedures for the pre-opening of a hotel. 

a few words about the project

We undertook this endeavour in January 2021, the first of its kind for our company, a hotel holistic management project. It was an uncertain time as we were still in quarantine due to Covid-19 and it was uncertain when hotels would start their operation againUltimately, the season was significantly delayed and started in May 2021. Nevertheless, the hotel had an absolutely successful season and we achieved the goals that we had set in terms of revenue.  

In the case of Egli Hotel we undertook all the procedures from scratch required to get a hotel ready to operate properly (pre-opening). During the operation of the hotel we undertook the full reservations management, the financial & accounting management, the sales marketing development, the staff training, the supervision, with active involvement, of the daily operation, the reception desk operation, the building & equipment maintenance and the communication with guests. You can see below the holistic management procedures that our company completed for the case of Egli Hotel


The result was highly successful both in terms of revenue but also in terms of guest satisfaction. With the solid foundations of 2021 and with the professional reservations management by our company, 2022 season saw a big increase in the hotel's revenue. 

Licensing & Paperwork

We completed all the required actions to create the necessary files for the operating license of the hotel, the license of the kitchen operation, the permission to use public areas for the outdoor sitting area and the fire protection certificate.


We handled all bureaucratic tasks required for the operation of the hotel in the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the Greek National Tourism Organization, the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Andros, the banks and services like water and electricity supply and telecommunications

Pricing Policy & Online Image

We formulated the pricing policy of the hotel and we upgraded the online sales channels (BookOnCloud, and Airbnb for the specific project).

We also upgraded and created the necessary online profiles for the hotel (Google My Business, Tripadvisor, etc.) so that visitors can easily find the hotel and rate it.

Ratings of course play an 
important role in the success of a hotel, as well as answers to reviews. For this reason, and in the case of Egli Hotel we implemented the policy to respond to all reviews in a polite and professional manner (reputation management).

Preparation of Building, Equipment & Staff

We completed maintenance and upgrading tasks to the hotel's building and equipment. All the necessary actions for safety of employees and guests (fire protection, insurance, fumigation, addition of equipment to prevent or deal with accidents). We procured the necessary equipment to upgrade the services offered to hotel guests. We installed and configured the necessary  computer systems which are needed for the operation of the hotel. 


We created an environmental management plan and we implemented some "green" practices.

We trained the hotel staff and we created a daily operating plan for everyone involved in the running of the business.

Hotel Operation Management

We were present every day at the hotel with active management to ensure the excellent operation of the hotel and the satisfaction of our guests

We took over the financial & accounting management, the reception desk operation of the hotel, the coordination and supervision of staff, the maintenance of the building the equipment and daily service and communication with guests. 

Photo Shoot,
Corporate Identity, Signage, Website & Sales Development 

As Egli Hotel was also operating in previous years, we had to carry out a major change and upgrade in its corporate identity, (re-branding), a new photo shoot and new signage and markings in the hotel. 


We prepared the hotel and carried out the required professional photo shoot.


We planned and executed its renewed corporate identity and the necessary signage (logo, company cards, work uniforms, stationery, registration forma and printed information forms for the rooms and the reception area, etc.)

Through the professional reservations management of the hotel these 2 years, we have achieved a significant increase in its profitability.

We also managed to create a network of satisfied partners and repeat guests, achieving a good mix of bookings from online sales channels, direct bookings, travel agency or corporate customer bookings.


In 2022 we increased the direct hotel bookings, thus reducing costs in commisions to platforms. 60 % of the total bookings for 2022 was a direct booking.

Photo Shoot









Signs &

Luxury Garden Apartment Glyfada.jpg

Graphic Designs


Revenue Statistics per Season

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