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Villa Case Study

In this Case Study we will look at how we transformed a simple holiday home, with high maintenance costs, into a modern and profitable vacation rental.

a few words about the project

We started in November 2015 and our initial goal was to generate enough revenue through bookings to cover the high running and maintenance costs of the house. To achieve this we created a custom made action plan that consisted of several steps, some of which are listed below.

The result of all these actions is that revenue of the house as a vacation rental has multiplied several times since the first operating season 2015/16. After following the plan, it now covers all the expenses it had as a holiday home and has a significant additional benefit. More importantly though, we have managed to create a stable cycle of satisfied and loyal repeat guests, almost eliminated bookings through online channels and their commissions, thus reducing costs and increasing profitability.


We carried out all the necessary actions for the house to receive an operating license from the Greek National Tourism Organisation as a tourist villa. Bureaucratic actions and modifications within the house to meet the required specifications so it can function as a licenced accommodation.

Pricing Policy & Online Sales Channels

We formulated the pricing policy of the property and created the appropriate online sales channels (Webhotelier, and Airbnb for this project).

We also created the business profile of the property on Google My Business to make it easier for
visitors to find the property and rate it.

Ratings of course can play an
important role
in the success of a vacation rental. 

Photo shoot & Corporate Identity

We prepared the house and carried out the required photo shoot.


After the photo shoot we designed and executed the corporate identity of the vacation rental (name, logo, company cards, signs, etc.)

Partnerships & Sales Promotion

We have developed its sales promotion even further through strategic partnerships with travel agencies, local travel guides (OnParnassos) and alternative tourism companies (Woof Club/Pet Friendly Tourism), as well as with the use of Social Media.

Finally, Mountain Chalet Livadihas been represented along with other properties in tourism
exhibitions in Greece and abroad


We created a modern and fast website, accessible from all devices. We also added a feature for direct bookings (Booking Engine) through our partnership with Webhotelier company 

Professional Reservations Management

Through our professional reservations management and the polite and prompt communication with guests over the years, we have achieved a significant increase in the profitability of the property.

We have also managed to create a significant number of satisfied repeat guests, who very often recommend the accommodation to other guests. We have minimized bookings through online sales channels, thus reducing costs in comissions.


75% of the total reservations for season 2021/22 were direct bookings.


Photo Shoot






Online Sales Channels




Revenue Statistics per Season

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