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Konaki Hikers Lodge

A renovated traditional stone house ideal for hikers! The house is located in the mountainous, small and quiet settlement of Katakalei, that also has a wonderful spring and amazing panoramic views of the Andros Town and the Aegean SeaIdeal for nature lovers, hikers, bird watchers and lovers of the remotes...Katakalei is a unique traditional settlement of Andros untouched by tourism.

"Konaki" Hikers Lodge is completely renovated to meet all the needs of modern travelers and hikers. It has 1 large bedroom with 6 single beds, 1 large living room with a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen and 2 bathrooms. It also features Wi-Fi, private parking and a traditional wood stove.

"Konaki" Hikers Lodge is located in a very quiet and picturesque village, in Katakalei. It is only 12 km from the capital of Andros (Chora) and 32 km from the port of Andros, Gavrio. It is located in the middle of the hiking route No 2 that connects Vourkoti with Chora and on the long distance hiking route (100km) that crosses Andros "Andros Route", which has the European quality certification Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe. Route 2 is also connected with routes 12 (Arni - Vourkoti), 8 (Stenies and Gyalia beach) and 6 (Vourkoti - Achla Beach).

"Konaki" Hikers Lodge is managed by the non-profit organization Andros Research Center, which has as basic pilars of actions the maintenance, promotion, cleaning and signposting the hiking paths of Andros, based on European standards. Profits from the stay at "Konaki" Hikers Lodge are donated to the maintenance and signposting of the trails throughout the island and therefore help significantly Andros Research Center to continue its work to protect and promote the natural and cultural heritage of Andros.

Andros is one of the top European hiking destinations. It has a network of signposted hiking paths that reaches 200 km. Wonderful routes that highlight the treasure of Andros and its unique nature. Part of this network is the 100km long Andros Route route that crosses the island from north to south and has received the accredited European Certification “Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe” from the European Hiking Federation.

The quiet location, the magnificent view and the modern facilities of the house create the ideal shelter for all hikers but also for those who are looking for an authentic experience of relaxation in a picturesque mountain village.


You will also meet 2 families of farmers that live in the village and produce all their food products with their hands and during your stay you will have the opportunity to taste fruits and vegetables, honey, jams, oil, wine and raki, cheese from cow's and goat's milk, smoked pork sausages, goat and pork of exceptional quality!

Ideal for people that wish to experience the untouched nature of Andros, to relax and rest or as an overnight stay while hiking along the wide hiking network of Andros.


"Konaki" Hikers Lodge

~ Guests: 8

~ Bedrooms: 1

~ Bathrooms: 2

~ Living room

~ Kitchen

~ Terrace

~ Parking

~ Panoramic view of the Aegean Sea

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