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Villa Thalatta-Thalatta ,which took its name from Xenophon’s well-known phrase, is built in idyllic natural environment with wonderful view , nearly at the edge of a cliff and its style is totally based on the traditional stone-built architecture of KEA, offering ideal accommodation.

Out of respect to the dry nature of all Cyclades islands chain , we don’t offer neither huge swimming pools nor useless opulence . Thalatta-Thalatta , on the contrary, is equipped with comfortable and handy accommodation spaces together with its unique attraction , a small theatre which is situated just in front of the endless Aegean sea blue . This small theatre was the main reason why the directors of the cultural organization ARCADIA decided to award us the first prize as being the only place in Europe where natural beauty and civilization co-exist.

Villa Thalatta-Thalatta is situated at the north-east side of the island, in the region of Kastri, about 10 km from the island’s port which is approached by ships either from Laurio or from other Greek islands. The villa is able to host up to 7 adults and provides whatever it needs so as to make the visitor feel relaxed


Villa Thalatta Thalatta

~ Guests: 6

~ Bedrooms: 2

~ Bathrooms: 1

~ Living room

~ Kitchen

~ Balcony

~ Panoramic Sea & sunset View

Private path to

the beach

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